Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program

New Jersey Animal Population Control

The New Jersey Department of Health supports several animal population control programs to prevent animal overpopulation and to protect human health. These include programs that promote the spay/neutering of animals.

You may be eligible to have your pet spayed or neutered at a discounted price of $10 or $20. Visit the New Jersey Veterinary Public Health webpage to see if you qualify. The Burlington County Animal Shelter is an eligible shelter for this program.

If you qualify, this is the lowest-cost option for spay/neuter surgery for your pet and we suggest you use this service as your first choice.


Other Clinics

The Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter is partnering with People for Animals and the Animal Welfare Association to offer low-cost spay/neuter clinics at the Burlington County Library in Westampton, NJ and at the Animal Welfare Association offices in Vorhees, NJ.  To learn why you should spay/neuter your animals visit this page on the People for Animals website. The People for Animals clinics are for pet dogs and cats, as well as community cats. The Animal Welfare Association clinics are specifically for community cats.

People for Animals Clinics

You can get your dog, pet cat or community cat spay/neutered through our partnership with People for Animals. There are multiple spay shuttles each month that transport your animal(s) from the Burlington County Library in Westampton, NJ to the People for Animals clinic in Robbinsville for surgery. You also can transport your pet to and from the People for Animals clinic in Robbinsville.

Surgery Fees for Cats:

  • Pet $76.03 -- For March clinics, surgery fees for pet cats are only $10, which includes spay/neuter, rabies, distemper, pain meds and e-collar
  • Community/Feral $35 -- For March clinics, surgery fees for feral cats and kittens are $0 -- FREE -- which includes spay/neuter, rabies, distemper and ear-tip
  • Pet cats from 501(c)3 rescue groups can have surgery and rabies and distemper vaccines for $75 (pain medicine and e-collar not included)

Surgery Fees for Dogs:

  • Male under 65 pounds $136.79
  • Male over 65 pounds $156.79
  • Female under 65 pounds $146.79  -- If pregnant, add $10
  • Female over 65 pounds $166.79 -- If pregnant, add $10
    • For March clinics, surgery fees for pit bulls are only $50
  • There is room on the Spay Shuttle for only THREE dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds.
    • Dogs that weigh 100 pounds or more must be dropped off at the Robbinsville clinic.
    • If the spay shuttle has no more room for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds, visit the People for Animals website to make an appointment at their Hillside, Robbinsville or Clayton locations.

  People for Animals Spay/Neuter Clinic Dates

  • March 1, 2018 at the Burlington County Library
  • March 7, 2018 at the Burlington County Library
  • March 9, 2018 at the Burlington County Library
  • March 15, 2018 at the Burlington County Library



**Note: Animals must weigh at least 2 pounds for spay/neuter surgery. Due to higher risk with anesthesia, People For Animals will not perform spay/neuter surgery on:

  • English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs
  • dogs aged 7 years or older who weigh more than 25 pounds; NOTE: dogs age 7 years or older who weigh 25 pounds or less require a CBC blood test at least three days before surgery

We suggest you contact a full service veterinary practice if you have an animal that falls into the categories above.

Surgery includes pre-op exam, pain control injection, take-home pain medication, Elizabethan collar and medical waste fee. Feral cats ONLY also receive a rabies and distemper vaccine, if needed.

To qualify for the community/feral cat price, cats are not socialized and are part of a trap-neuter-release (TNR) effort. The cat will be ear-tipped during surgery. Community/feral cats do not receive take-home pain medication or Elizabethan collar.

Add-on Services:

  • Feline Leukemia/FIV Test $30
  • Canine Heartworm/Lyme Test $30
  • Ear Cleaning $15
  • Nail Clipping $10.70 ($10 plus $.70 tax)
  • Microchip $15
  • Lyme Vaccine $30
  • Feline Leukemia Vaccine $30
  • Bordetella (kennel cough), CIV (canine influenza), cat distemper, dog distemper or rabies vaccines $19 each

If your pet is already spayed/neutered but you would like one or more of the add-on services above, you can go to the the People for Animals' Wellness
Clinics in Robbinsville:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • First Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Clinic Registration

Please email friends.say.snip.it@gmail.com or call 609-479-1966 and provide the following information:

  • your name, phone number, address and email address
  • type of animal (dog, pet cat or feral)
  • your pet's name, age and color; for dogs only, provide breed and weight

The clinics have same day drop-off and pick-up (dogs must be on a leash, pet cats in an individual plastic carrier, feral cats in a wire trap). Carriers/traps with feral cats should be covered with a sheet/towel/blanket to reduce their anxiety.

Dogs and cats are dropped off at 7:15 a.m. at the Burlington County Library in Westampton and picked up the same day at 3 p.m. at the Burlington County Library. The Spay Shuttle transports the animals to the People For Animals clinic in Robbinsville. There is a $5 transportation fee per animal, excluding feral cats. You also may drop off and pick up your animal at the Robbinsville clinic.

Surgery Preparation:

  • Your adult pet must have no food after 4 a.m. the morning of surgery.
  • Your kittens or puppies younger than 4 months must not eat after 6 a.m. the day of surgery.
  • Your dog must not be in heat.
  • Your pet must not be coughing, sneezing, vomiting or have diarrhea.
  • Your pet must not be on any medicine, excluding heartworm preventive.

**Important** You MUST call to cancel your appointment immediately if your pet hasn't met the surgery preparation requirements.

People for Animals requires payment at least two days before the clinic date if you're paying with a credit/debit card. Please make your payment at the PFA Payment page. If not pre-paid, services must be paid for when you drop off your animal in the morning. Cash or money order for the EXACT amount please.

Instructions and Forms:

Please bring a signed consent form with you. If you aren't able to bring one, you will be given a consent form to sign when you drop off your animal(s).


Burlington County Library
5 Pioneer Blvd
Westampton, NJ 08060
Link to Google Map
Turn left into the Library entrance, then first left into the east most section of the parking lot

Animal Welfare Association Clinics

Animal Welfare Association clinics for community cats are held Monday at:

  • Animal Welfare Association, 509 Centennial Blvd., Voorhees, NJ 08043

The standard cost is $35 per cat, which includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine and ear tip. Right now, there is a special reduced price of $0 -- FREE -- per cat. Our group has four appointments each Monday. We can book groups of five or more cats on Thursdays at least one to two weeks in advance.

To make an appointment for an Animal Welfare Association clinic, please email friends.say.snip.it@gmail.com or call 609-479-1966 and provide the following information:

  • your name, phone number, address and email address
  • number of community cats, sex and color, if known

Pre-surgical Instructions:

  • No food for adult cats (older than 6 months) after 6 p.m./ the night before surgery
  • No food for kittens (younger than 6 months) after 12:00 midnight the night before surgery.

Print and fill out this check-in form and bring it to your appointment:

  • Check-in time is 7:30 a.m. Pick-up is 3:30-4 p.m. the same afternoon. Everyone is given the same time so there will be a wait at check-in. Please plan for it.
  • The clinic closes at 5 p.m. If you pick up your cat(s) between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. you will be charged a $20 late fee. If you pick up your cat(s) between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. you will be charged a $40 late fee.
  • Payment is due at check-in. Cash (exact change) is requested, please. Credit/debit cards are also accepted. NO CHECKS.
  • All community cats must be in traps and covered with a towel or blanket.

There are other low-cost spay/neuter programs in the area. See this page for more information.