New board members elected

The Friends of BCAS Board of Directors would like to welcome six new board members.

  • Pam Cohen previously served on the board and organizes the annual Casino Night fundraiser. She also fosters cats and dogs.
  • Jamie DePolo also previously served on the board and was recently elected president. She has been a volunteer since 2013 and produces the weekly and quarterly newsletter, manages the website and helps oversee the Friends of BCAS social media team.
  • Johnny Freeman has been a volunteer for several years and oversees the coinbox program and manages Volgistics issues.
  • Penny Legg is a founding member of the Friends of BCAS and previously held a number of officer roles, including president. She oversees the TNR program and the low-cost spay/neuter program.
  • Nora Pearce has been a volunteer since 2015 and is involved with a variety of activities, including the Paw Prints 5K, teaching the general orientation class, working as a vet tech volunteer and supporting the TNR community cat program.
  • Laura Ritter is new to the Friends of BCAS. She is a CPA with more than 17 years experience in finance and accounting. Animal welfare is her passion and she has rescued a dog, two kittens and a bird.

All are excited to start fundraising and working to further our mission.

In addition, Jamie DePolo was elected president and Jen Furman was elected vice president.