Kitten/cat fosters needed immediately

The Burlington County Animal Shelter is in dire need of fosters for kittens and adult cats! Can you or someone you know help us by fostering kittens until they are ready to be adopted?

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Review the basic requirements to determine if you/your home satisfies the minimum requirements, for example, you can keep the animal isolated.
  2. Fill out an application at the shelter or the online foster application. Please add your Facebook name to the application.
  3. Hand in the application to someone at the shelter’s front desk and ask if it can be processed immediately if you are able to foster today. Or, email the application to and let them know what type of cat you can foster, i.e., bottle baby, senior, mildly ill, needs socializing.
  4. Once you are approved, you will be invited to the Friends of BCAS Kitten/Cat Fostering Program Facebook Page, which is a closed group. Review the pinned post for essential information on how to receive veterinary care for your fosters. This post will always provide the most up to date hours for vet care
  5. Be sure to read the cat foster manual and the other helpful resources on the Friends of BCAS fostering webpage.
  6. Questions? Reach out to the cat foster coordinator at

Thank you!