October 30th

Both dogs and cats are OVER CAPACITY and we could use some help getting over these overcrowding humps! Rescue organizations, adopters and temporary fosters (FOBCAS volunteers only), please pay us a visit and find a dog or cat.

For more information or to help:

August 18th

FOBCAS is excited to introduce Dog Training 101 and 102 classes. The classes will be held every two weeks on Sunday afternoons.

July 16th

Does your dog go crazy when you leave home? Is your cat marking everywhere but the litterbox? From time to time, we all have questions about our pets. Our Animal Help Desk has many useful links to information and tips put together by experts for quick reading.

July 15th

FOBCAS recycles used ink and toner cartridges to help pay for materials that advertise events and adoption promotions.

May 21st

The Walk for a Dog app, created by WoofTrax, allows people to raise money for the animal group of their choice simply by walking a dog.


Oct. 23-Nov. 2 is our special pit bull adoption promotion. Approved adopters can adopt the pit bull of their choice for FREE!

Ways to Help

There are many ways you can help the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter, including walking dogs, playing with cats, grooming the animals, posting pictures and bios of the animals online, fundraising, planning events, and, of course, donating money.