September 30th

The Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter are extremely proud to announce that our group received three 2015 Best of Burlington County Awards from the Burlington County Times readers! We were honored for:

September 25th

As of Sept. 20, 2015: The shelter has been teetering on 100 percent full for both cats and dogs for the past several weeks. This will likely continue for the next several weeks. Please, please, PLEASE help us find FOSTERS, RESCUES AND ADOPTERS for our many wonderful animals! Help us get through the rest of summer!

August 12th

The Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter are now a partner in the CARS program. This allows people to donate vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, even boats to our group. The CARS organization sells the vehicle, you get a tax deduction and we get the sale price as a donation. Everyone wins. CARS also provides free towing for the vehicle.

April 30th

Looking for more photos of the shelter pets and FOBCAS activities? Check out our new Instagram page at:!

February 23rd

Sponsor a Burlington County Animal Shelter pet through and help animals even if you can't adopt.


Through Oct. 11, all cats 1 year and older can be adopted for FREE -- kittens are only $20! Also, make plans to attend Pit Bull Awareness Day on Oct. 24! And the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter will have adoptable pets at PetSmart behind the Moorestown Mall on Oct. 10, 17 and 25 from 12:30-2:30 p.m.!

Ways to Help

Our mission is to make our shelter animals happier and give them a better chance at adoption. Since we are an all-volunteer group, we can't do that without dedicated volunteers! We need you! There are many ways you can help the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter, including walking dogs, playing with cats, grooming the animals, posting pictures and bios of the animals online, fundraising, planning events, and, of course, donating money. Read on and use the links at left for more information on each area.